How to Remove Tar From Skin

By LeafTV Editor

How to Remove Tar From Skin. In some areas, going to the beach may expose you to some unseemly stuff, such as tar, that washes up on the beach. But don't be alarmed; with a little patience, you can get rid of tar with ease.

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Step 1

Allow the tar to dry and harden

Step 2

Peel it gently from your skin. If the tar will not peel away, place some ice cubes in a plastic bag and apply the bag to the tar. The tar should then harden enough to be peeled or chipped away.

Step 3

Wash the affected area with a mild abrasive soap, such as Lava, to remove the remaining stain.

Step 4

Apply an exfoliating scrub to the area, if stain persists.

Step 5

Rinse in warm water.

Step 6

Pat dry with a towel.