Super glue is designed to be incredibly sticky and adhere objects together permanently. When used purposefully on objects, this staying power is quite useful. The opposite is true when super glue accidentally gets on unintended objects. Removing super glue from hair in particular, from which it is difficult to even remove the far less permanent chewing gum, can seem like a lost cause. Yet, with the proper materials and a little diligence, the glue will come out.

Soak a cotton ball with acetone-based nail polish remover.

Hold the affected hairs taut and support them from the back with one hand. Take the soaked cotton ball in the other hand and hold it against the glue on the hair.

Allow the nail polish remover a few seconds to soak into the hair and then use the cotton ball to scrub the hair in quick, small strokes.

When the super glue starts to break up, use the comb to start separating the strands.

Soak a new cotton ball in the nail polish remover and scrub again. Repeat until all of the super glue has been removed.


  • Alternatively, you can use super glue remover, although that is a more expensive solution.

  • Acetone will dry out the hair, so use a conditioner afterward.