Woman in high heel shoes on an uneven stone path

After a long day of shopping, it's annoying to discover that the price or size sticker on your brand-new shoes will not come off without leaving sticky residue. Perhaps you forgot about the sticker and now it seems forever stuck on the bottom of your shoe. There are a couple of ways to quickly remove the sticker and its residue from your shoes without damaging them.

Waterproof Shoes

Peel as much of the sticker off the shoe as possible. Peel from the edges of the sticker into the center to prevent it from tearing and leaving pieces and residue behind.

If the sticker will not come off, use the back of a plastic spoon to get underneath the sticker and push it off the shoe.

Slightly dampen the corner of a clean cloth with nail-polish remover and rub it over the sticker residue. Use baby or mineral oil if you are concerned about affecting the finish or color of your shoes.

Soak another clean corner of the rag with water and rinse the formerly sticky area to remove any of the baby oil or nail-polish residue.

Dry the shoes completely with a paper towel.

Nonwaterproof Shoes

Peel as much of the sticker off as possible with your fingers. Peel the edges of the sticker toward the center to keep it from tearing and leaving more residue.

Gently scrape away as much of the residue as possible with a plastic spoon.

Rub the surface with an art gum eraser if it is still sticky. This will remove the top layer of the shoe along with the sticky residue, so use care not to rub too vigorously.

File away the next layer of the material with the nail file if there is still sticky residue. Again, be careful not to rub hard, as it can easily cause irreparable damage to the shoe.