Your leather purse is prone to stains in the same as any other bag or purse. Using a standard cleaner on your leather purse will remove the stains but will also cause irreparable damage to the leather purse. Taking your leather purse to a professional cleaner will get the stains removed from the purse but can also cost you a good amount of money. Instead of spending that money, you can use these simple steps to remove the stains from a leather purse.

Baby Wipes

Take one baby wipe and fold it in half. You want to use baby wipes that have no alcohol, dyes or smell. These standard baby wipes can be found at any grocery store.

Place your hand on the opposite side of the purse that is stained. Doing so will allow you to wipe the stain without the purse moving.

Wipe the stained portion of the leather purse with the baby wipe. Rub with moderate pressure to remove the stain, but don't put too much "elbow grease" into it. You should wipe the leather purse as you would a window.

Rubbing Alcohol

Mix clear rubbing alcohol and lukewarm water into a small bowl. There should be a 50-50 concentration of both.

Dip the end of a standard cotton swab into the solution. Swirl the swab around to make sure that the end is saturated.

Rub the swab over the stained portion of the leather purse, using a circular motion.

Wipe the spot with a dish towel when you're done using the cotton swab. Make sure to get the leather purse completely dry.