Skin tags are basically small tumors that hang from the skin. They are painless, harmless and skin colored, but they are also unsightly and can cause the individual who has them embarrassment or discomfort. Skin tags can be treated at home or removed by a medical provider. One option is to use wart remover on them.

Using Wart Remover on a Skin Tag

Discuss skin tags with your doctor. It is important to not treat a supposed skin tag until it is verified. If she confirms it is a tag, ask her if wart remover is a good idea for you.

Buy wart remover at any drugstore or supermarket. Some brand names are Compound-W and Dr. Scholl's Clear Away Wart Remover. All wart removers contain the same ingredient: salicylic acid topical.

Avoid using wart remover on areas like the eyes, nose or mouth. Also avoid genital and anal areas.

Do not use wart remover on sunburns or cuts.

Clean and dry the area of skin containing the tag.

Follow the directions on the label. It will usually say to put a thin layer of the topical medication directly on skin tag.

Apply this regularly, as it sometimes takes awhile to work. Use it for the full recommended time shown on the label or suggested by your medical provider.