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Using too much hair care product in your hair can decrease shine, luster, bounce and volume as well as dull the color. Products such as gel, mousse, hair spray and pomade strip hair of its natural oils, especially when used in excess, causing hair to fall flat. Commercial products like clarifying shampoo and home remedies like vinegar are great ways to remove the product build-up in your hair and regain your natural shine and bounce.

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Wash your hair with clarifying shampoo, which is specially formulated to remove product build-up without stripping your hair of essential oils.

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Sprinkle some baby powder into your hair and comb through. This works best on blond hair as it may turn darker hair ashy.

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Mix 1 tsp. of baking soda in with your shampoo and massage the mixture into your scalp. Rinse hair clean.

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Rinse your hair with a cup of white vinegar. Follow up with conditioner to keep your scalp from drying out.

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Wash your hair with dish washing liquid. It will leave your hair squeaky clean and shiny.


Don't try these methods too often as they can seriously dry out your hair.

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