lemon detail
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The orange/red/brass stains in your blonde hair are due to the high iron content that's in your well water. While this is an unfortunate occurrence, there are a few things you can do: you can get a water softener (which may not completely solve your problem); you can try dying your hair a different color, like brown or auburn; or you can try a couple of different products to help get the brassiness out of your hair.

Combine 1 cup of lemon juice with the 1 tsp. of cream of tartar in a small bowl. Mix together with your fingers.

Get into your shower and wet your hair. Apply the solution to your hair, and leave it in for 10 minutes. Rinse out with warm water when the time is up.

Pour the blue/purple shampoo in your hand (use the same amount of this shampoo as you would any other shampoo). To the shampoo, mix in 1 tbsp. of baking soda. Many different hair product companies make a blue/purple shampoo--it helps natural (and unnatural) blondes prevent their hair from turning brassy or orange.

Massage the shampoo/baking soda solution into your hair. Wash it out when finished and follow using a blue/purple conditioner. Style your hair as normal.