How to Remove Nicotine Residue From Hair. One of the many undesirable side effects of cigarette smoking and secondhand smoke is the oily residue buildup in your hair. Cigarette smoke seems to remain in your hair long after exposure to smoke, and is even worse for heavy smokers. Fortunately for those who are often exposed to smoke, you can quickly and easily remove the residue and smell of nicotine without damaging your hair.

Make a residue-removing rinse that will neutralize odor and remove the oily nicotine buildup from your hair. Combine 1 tbsp. apple cider vinegar, 6 tbsp. dark beer, and 2 cups distilled water.

Wash your hair as normal and apply the cold residue-removing solution to your hair at the end of your shower. If you are a smoker, be sure that the rinse reaches your scalp, as the source of oily nicotine residue is coming mostly from the oil glands in your scalp.

Rinse your hair lightly with pure water, if desired, or leave the rinse in your hair for best results, wringing dry and styling as usual. Leaving the rinse in will not damage your hair since apple cider vinegar is the same pH as your scalp, protecting your natural oils and preventing dry itchy scalp. You will notice the smell of apple cider vinegar as your hair is drying; however, once thoroughly dry no scent should be noticed.

Use your rinse as often as necessary for beautiful, nicotine residue-free hair.


The combination of beer and apple cider vinegar will not only remove nicotine residue, it will leave hair smooth, silky and easy to comb.