In the course of painting your nails you may get nail polish on your skin. You may do this by applying too much polish to the nail, making excess polish flow onto the skin, or because a wet nail brushed against skin on your body. Use the correct procedure to remove nail polish from skin to avoid skin staining and a bigger mess.

Allow the nail polish to dry completely on the skin before you attempt to remove it. Trying to remove wet polish will result in it spreading to a larger area on your skin.

Scratch off as much of the dry polish from the skin as you can. Many times dry nail polish will easily peel off skin. Nail polish is not formulated to adhere as well to skin as it does nails.

Wet a cotton ball with nail polish remover. The ball needs to saturated. Wipe the cotton ball over the area that you scratched off the polish to remove any excess stain that did not come off. Use a cotton swab in place of cotton balls to reach small areas of skin next to the nail. This will prevent you from messing up your polished nails.

Wash your skin with hand soap and water to remove the nail polish remover from your skin. Dry skin thoroughly.

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