Acrylic nails and false tips are a popular alternative to the basic manicure, because of their strength and low maintenance. Use of a strong glue is what allows false nails to adhere to your tips through daily wear and tear. Nail glue can sometimes be a little too strong, and stick around in strips on your natural nail after your false manicure has been removed. Remove nail glue at home with some gentle yet effective steps.

Things You'll Need

Fill a large microwavable bowl halfway to the top with water. Heat it in the microwave for 1 minute or until the water is hot.

Pour acetone nail polish remover into a small bowl and place it within the large bowl of water. Use a pure acetone product. The heat from the water will make the acetone more effective in dissolving the glue.

Dip your nails into the nail polish remover. Place a towel over top of your hand and the two bowls to contain the warmth.

Allow your nail to soak for 5 minutes. Remove it from the bowl and gently pat it dry.

Smooth a nail buffer across the glue, using a quick back-and-forth motion until it loosens. The nail polish remover and heat should have broken the bond that the glue had to the nail.

Soak a cotton pad in baby oil. Rub it over the nail using a gentle circular motion to remove any remaining residue. The baby oil will also soothe and moisturize the nail to prevent breakage.


If glue gets on the skin, soak a cotton pad in acetone nail-polish remover and gently rub the area. Soaking the skin and using a nail buffer is too abrasive.