Nail glue, for applying false fingernails, is essentially super glue. It is thin and runny and very easily spreads onto fingers and into hair if not careful. If it gets into your hair, your curls or braids, the glue can be easily removed without causing damage by using acetone. As a caution, remember that acetone is highly flammable and its fumes even more so. Therefore, do not work with acetone near an open flame, which includes lit cigarettes.

Soak a cotton ball with acetone and apply it to the area of the hair containing nail glue. Let the acetone dissolve the glue. This is the same liquid you would use to remove applied fingernails.

Using a fresh cotton ball, apply rubbing alcohol to the hair. This is to neutralize the acetone.

Rinse the hair with water to remove all traces of the acetone solvent and alcohol.

Dry the hair with towel or hair dryer.


  • Dab the acetone, don't soak with it unless necessary. Likewise, dab with the rubbing alcohol.