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There are three steps involved with wearing micro braids: putting them in, rocking them like a diva and taking them out. The last step is by far the most painful and dreaded. The anticipation of removing dozens if not hundreds of tiny braids can feel overwhelming. If possible, it is best to enlist the help of friends, but even with help you should be prepared for hours of work time. Understanding the proper way to remove your micro braids makes the process go as fast as possible and prevents damage to your hair.

Use scissors to cut each braid one to two inches below where your natural hair ends. Slight color and texture changes can help you determine where to make the cut. If there is any doubt about where your hair ends, make the cut several inches below the suspected stopping point of your hair.

Rub conditioner over the remaining length of the braid. Depending on how loose your braids have become, conditioner can make the hair slick and thus easier to remove the braids. Some of the looser braids may even slide right out by themselves.

Use your fingers or a wide-toothed plastic comb to undo the remaining braid structure.


Hair that has been braided for several weeks or months can be very fragile. Refrain from excessive pulling and combing. Consult your stylist on how to best style your hair in its post-braid condition.