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Long-lasting lip gloss is a handy item to have in your makeup case. Not only does it have the staying power of a long-wear lipstick—it also retains the moisturized, almost wet look of a lip gloss. Unfortunately, some lip glosses may be a bit too long-lasting for your taste. Most are made with a lip-stain base that can give your lips color long after you remove the rest of your makeup. Luckily, adding some oil should help slide that lip gloss right off, leaving you with beautifully bare lips.

Douse a cotton ball with enough baby oil to wet it thoroughly. Mineral oil or olive oil can also be used (though baby oil might be the most readily available to you in your bathroom or in your makeup kit).

Hold the cotton ball on your lips for 5 to 10 seconds, taking care to not get any of it in your mouth. While none of the oils that you can use are toxic, the taste may be mildly unpleasant. The oil with will remoisten the lip gloss, allowing you to take it more easily.

Slide the cotton ball down and away from your lips to remove both the color and the sticky solution. Repeat the process if some of the lip gloss still remains.

Rinse your lips by rubbing a clean, damp washcloth over your lips to remove any traces of the oil.

Purchase makeup remover from the manufacturer of the lip gloss that you use if you don't have any oil available to use for removal.

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