Leaky pen? Fixing an ink cartridge? No matter the ink-related mess, it's hard to scrub off. However, that ink will come off easily and with minimal irritation if you follow these easy tips.

First, try basic soap and hot water. If it will come off with this, there is no need to resort to stronger cleansers.

Next, attempt to clean with hot water and a exfoliating soap, such as Lava soap. If this still fails, proceed to Step 3.

The final step available that involves natural ingredients is to apply lemon juice to the stain and scrub with a cloth and water. If this fails, you will need to proceed to chemical methods.

If the ink is on a non-sensitive area, apply non-acetone nail polish remover to the ink stain. Rub gently with a soft cloth. Rinse and dry completely.

You may also repeat Step 4, above, substituting rubbing alcohol for the nail polish remover.

If the ink is on a sensitive area, repeat Step 1 over the span of several days, being careful not to scrub to hard. Do not attempt to use any of the chemicals listed as the may cause irritation.


  • By removing as much ink as possible with a dry cloth first, you can minimize the amount you have to wash off.