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As anyone who's ever used home hair dye knows, that stuff is made to stick. Because it's liquid, it also has a tendency to get everywhere while you're applying it; sometimes, in spite of diligent efforts to keep the mess to a minimum, you might discover hair dye stains on the sink, on your clothing, or even in a favorite piece of silver jewelry. Fortunately, though there may be little hope for your favorite T-shirt, silver jewelry is non-porous and can be thoroughly cleaned with a little help from an acetone cleaner.

Pour nail polish remover into the custard cup or shot glass. Make the liquid deep enough to submerge the portion of the jewelry you want to clean.

Soak the jewelry in the cup for an hour.

Scrub the jewelry with a toothbrush. Use a circular motion for areas where the dye is embedded deeply, including cramped, tiny spaces, such as chain links or filligree. Dip the jewelry back in the nail polish remover a few times as you're working to help remove the dye as you loosen it.

Give the jewelry additional soaking time, if necessary. If you don't remove all the dye after several minutes of scrubbing, pour out the cup of nail polish remover, refill the cup and soak for another 20 minutes before scrubbing again.

Rinse the jewelry in warm water to remove any lingering traces of hair dye.