How to Remove Hair Bumps in the Back of the Head

By Kent Page McGroarty

Updos come in a variety of styles such as chignons, buns, high ponytails with secured and unsecured cascading curls or "messy" styles with loose wisps of hair strategically placed. Updos can also be accessorized with items like jeweled headbands and clips. Creating a smooth updo means dealing with the potential of unsightly hair bumps on the back of the head. Solve this problem by thoroughly brushing hair before styling, which will help keep bumps to a minimum. Tools like hairspray and bobby pins can also be utilized to fix such bumps.

Curling irons can help complete the look of an updo.

Step 1

Take the updo down, if possible, and twist hair into a high ponytail. This can be done by you, a friend or a stylist. Twisting the hair creates a smooth, bump-free look, and the updo can be styled from there.

Step 2

Use strategically-placed bobby pins and hair clips to smooth out and remove hair bumps. Bobby pins are especially helpful as they are easy to hide in your hair.

Step 3

Comb out the bumps. This may require re-adjusting your updo, such as loosening elastic hair bands and then re-tightening them.

Step 4

Smooth out smaller bumps with hairspray, pomade or hair gel.