How to Remove Crazy Super Glue From Fingers

By Kimbry Parker

Super Glue is a very powerful adhesive that bonds things together very well. Super Glue can also be messy to work with. It is not uncommon for people to accidentally glue their fingers together when working with it. There is no need to worry because Super Glue can be removed from fingers. It is important to follow the proper precautions when removing Super Glue from fingers. Never try to simply pull the fingers apart, as this can tear the skin and cause injury.


Soak the fingers in a solution of vinegar, dish soap and warm water. Get the water as hot as you can tolerate without burning your skin.

Use your other hand or other fingers to feel where the Super Glue has bonded. Feel for the bond to soften. Carefully rotate your fingers to release the Super Glue bond holding them together. Do this very gently; do not forcefully pull apart the fingers or you may tear the skin.

Apply acetone to the fingers if the above method failed. Dab some acetone nail polish remover onto a cotton swab and rub it onto the bonded area. Do this repeatedly until the glue begins to peel off. Rotate the fingers while applying the acetone to assist in loosening the glue.

Rub hand lotion or cream all over the glued area. This will loosen the crazy glue so that you can peel it off of your fingers. This works best for Super Glue dried onto parts of the fingers, as opposed to fingers that are actually stuck together.

Wait it out as long as your fingers are not bonded together. Super Glue will naturally flake off on its own within a couple of days.