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Blackheads are pesky little black dots that appear on your skin. When they pop up on your face, they can often cause self-consciousness and embarrassment. If you have bothersome blackheads, you can try using glue to get rid of them. Although using glue for blackheads has been listed on DIY skin care sites as a way to get rid of the annoying black bumps, you should proceed with caution because several dermatologists have claimed that it's ineffective and actually causes skin irritation and more breakouts.

Warnings & Precautions

Before you use glue to get rid of your blackheads, its important to note that several dermatologists claim that this skin care trick does not work and can actually produce more harm to your skin than good. When Refinery 29 consulted skin care experts on this DIY blackhead solution, Dr. James C Marotta said, "The glue could actually clog your pores more, and you could also harm your skin when you remove it." Dermatologist Dr. Gary Goldfaden included, “Although Elmer’s acts very similar to a pore strip that sticks to blackheads and pulls them out from the pore, it could lead to potentially hazardous issues on the skin. The ingredients found in glue have been shown to lead to allergic reactions." So you should proceed with caution before using glue to get rid of your blackheads.

What Glue to Use

When using glue to get rid of your blackheads, its important to use non-toxic glue. Look for plain white glue that says non-toxic on the label. Using non-toxic glue may help avoid skin irritations, although dermatologist Dr. James C Marotta warns that it won't completely prevent skin irritations from arising.

Applying the Glue

Once you have the your non-toxic glue, wash your face with warm water or apply a steaming towel to your face for a couple of minutes. Using your finger, apply the glue to the areas on your face that have blackheads so that the glue completely covers those areas. Leave the glue on until it completely dries. Peel off the glue with your fingers. You may see the blackheads on the glue.

Blackhead Removing Alternatives

Because using glue for blackheads comes with the risk of skin irritation and more breakouts, you can use face masks and pore strips as alternatives to get rid of your blackheads. Beauty and skin care sites -- like Refinery 29 and Future Derm -- claim these options are safer and have been shown to be more effective than glue.