By Ashley Kurz

When you have problem skin, it is sometimes hard to resist squeezing pimples or blackheads. Unfortunately, when you pick at your pimples or blackheads, it usually leaves a scab which eventually leads to scarring. Picking at your scabs will definitely lead to scars and possible infections, so do not remove them that way. If you want to remove your scabs left from blackheads, you will need to know the safest way to do it.

Woman with hand cream
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Step 1

Wash your entire face thoroughly with warm water and a moisturizing antibacterial facial cleanser.

Step 2

Blot your face dry with a clean dry towel. Do not wipe or drag the towel across your face, or further irritation could occur and the scab may be prematurely ripped off.

Step 3

Apply an antibacterial ointment to each scab. Leave the ointment thick so that it will soften the scab and promote healing on your skin.

Step 4

Continue washing and applying ointment at least twice per day until the scabs are gone and your skin is fully healed. Refrain from wearing makeup and do not pick at your skin.

Step 5

See a professional dermatologist to receive a consultation for both acne and scar removal.