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Certain substances can be very difficult to get out of your hair. Due to its unique composition, baby oil strongly adheres to hair strands. While often used as a nourishing treatment, baby oil can form a protective layer over your hair. It can, however, be very hard to wash out. Sometimes it takes a combination of several methods to completely get the baby oil out of your hair.

Shampoo your hair with baby shampoo. Generally made by the same manufacturers as baby oil, it is designed to remove baby oil from hair. Repeat the shampoo process multiple times, if necessary.

Apply liquid dish washing soap to your hair. It will bond with the baby oil and remove it from your hair.

Rub a bar of glycerine soap on your hair. Opt for an all-natural soap that is free of fragrances and dyes. You can usually find these in most natural and health food stores.

Wash your hair with a dandruff-treatment shampoo. These deep-cleansing shampoos penetrate hair shafts, helping to remove baby oil from them.

Pour lemon juice over your hair. The acidity in the lemon juice will remove baby oil from your hair. Shampoo your hair afterward. If you leave lemon juice in your hair, the sun's rays will react with it and lighten your hair.

Sprinkle baby powder on your hair. It will absorb the baby oil. Comb it through your hair, allowing it to soak up all the baby oil. Shampoo your hair to remove the powder from it.


Apply a deep conditioner after you have removed the baby oil from your hair. Some of the removal treatments, such as lemon juice and dandruff-treatment shampoo, may dry your hair.


Baby oil can cause greasy buildup on your scalp. If you use it as a silkening treatment, apply it sparingly.