How to Remove a Wine Bottle Label to Save

By Jennifer Meyer

Many connoisseurs of wine save the labels from special bottles of wine as either token mementos or for decorative purposes. Wine bottle manufacturers use one of two methods to adhere labels to the bottles: either a tacky, glue-backed label or a water-soluble label. Your approach to removing the label from your bottle will be determined by which of these methods the manufacturer used. Always be sure to use the right removal method for your kind of label.

Wine labels may be removed using one of two methods.

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Step 1

Slide the razor blade under one corner of the label and pry up the tip of it. Remove the razor blade. If the label sticks to the blade, then it is a tacky label and you should use the heat method to remove it. If the label does not stick to the blade, then it is a water-soluble label and you should use the soak method to remove it.

Step 2

Use the heat method or soak method to remove the label.

Step 3

Place the label on acid-free, lignin-free paper to best preserve it. The label should stick to the paper.

Heat Method

Step 4

Turn on your oven and set it to 350 degrees F. Allow the oven to fully heat up to the proper temperature before continuing.

Step 5

Don oven mitts and place the bottle in the oven for five minutes. Use caution when handling the bottle, as it may feel slippery when handling it with oven mitts.

Step 6

Remove the bottle from the oven and grip its neck with an oven mitt. Place the bottom of the bottle against a hard surface, with a coaster in between.

Step 7

Slide the razor blade under the label on one side. Continue to hold the neck of the bottle firmly.

Step 8

Use the razor to peel the edge of the label off the bottle. Set the razor aside.

Step 9

Tug on the edge of the label gently to slowly peel it off the bottle. Take your time with this, or the label will develop creases.

Soak Method

Step 10

Place a large vase or bucket in your sink. The container should be large enough to place your wine bottle in.

Step 11

Add a small drop of liquid soap to the water.

Step 12

Place your wine bottle in the container and begin to fill both the container and the bottle with hot tap water.

Step 13

Allow the bottle to soak for five to eight hours. The label should peel off of its own accord. If it does not, you may assist it gently using the razor.