Image credits: cillenj under the StockXchange license

L14, or "Hoku" point, is an acupressure point for pain management, relieving aches and pains anywhere on your body (See Resources below). Acupressure massage at the L14 point, located between the thumb and index finger, is commonly used for back pain relief, toothaches, headaches among other aches and pains. This natural pain relief works by unblocking energy at one spot on your body - the L14 acupoint - so as to relieve pain at another spot, such as an aching tooth or lower back. Acupressure massage at the L14 (Hoku point), can be done in a few simple steps.

Locate the Hoku Point on your hand. To do this, gently press the thumb against the index finger. This will cause the flesh between the two fingers to mound. The L14 (Hoku Point) is at the top of that mound.

Spread the thumb and index finger to form a "V." Using the thumb and index finger of the other hand, apply pressure to the Hoku Point (L14), which is now behind the webbing between the two fingers.

Use the grasping thumb to squeeze close to the bone attached to the index finger, angling the pressure underneath this bone, so as to find the most sensitive spot.

Apply firm pressure to this spot for at least a minute. At the same time, move the joint that is closest to the area that hurts. For example, move your neck for a headache.

Repeat the steps using your other hand. Repeat as needed till the pain dissipates.

See a doctor immediately if you experience severe or persistent pain. This may be symptom of a more serious underlying condition that cannot be treated with acupressure massage.