Wrist Massage

Wrist massage is an effective soothing technique for sufferers of carpal tunnel syndrome and overuse injuries, or simply to promote relaxation. To relieve and even stop pain in the wrist, perform these massage techniques on a regular basis. Wrist massage can be performed on oneself, by a loved one or a therapist.

Assess any existing pain in the client or one's own wrist by rotating the wrist. Also extend the fingers and gently press on the palm. Note any pain that occurs in these movements.

Bend the hand in the other direction by gently pressing on the back of the hand. Rotate the hand while the fingers are fully extended as well. Note any pain in these motions.

Use the heel of the hand to stroke the back of the client's hand toward the wrist and back again. Repeat this back and forth motion several times.

Rub the top of the wrist with the thumb in a circular motion. Rub it in the opposite direction, too.

Stroke the bottom of the wrist with the thumb in a circular clockwise motion as on top of the wrist. Then repeat the motion in a counter clockwise motion.

Grasp the wrist with your thumb on top and your fingers on the bottom of the wrist and massage both sides of the wrist in a circular motion at the same time. Then switch so your thumb is massaging the bottom of the wrist and your fingers are massaging the top.


  • Wrist pain may be related to one of three main hand nerves. Pinched median, radial and ulnar nerves each cause a specific area of the wrist and hand to tingle and feel numb.

  • It also helps to loosen up and massage the forearms and fingers to relieve wrist pain.