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Relaxing hair is a method of straightening very curly or kinky hair. This hair type usually has tight, spiral curls that easily tangle and break off. Gray hair also needs special care because older hair is typically coarse. The chemicals used to relax hair can leave gray hair with a green or yellow tint. However, you can relax grey hair and still maintain its color.

Separate and section hair with a comb. Hold the sections in place with hair clips.

Create smaller sections and apply hair grease or hair oil to all areas of the scalp. This is an important step because the oil protects the scalp from the chemicals used to relax the hair.

Put on gloves. Apply the relaxer cream to the hair with your fingers. Move the cream around the head until all sections of the hair are covered with the relaxer cream.

Comb the hair at least once to help straighten it. Comb the hair completely, starting at the forehead and moving back. Depending on the relaxer, it may take 10 to 20 minutes to completely straighten gray hair. For best results, follow the instructions on the label

Go to the sink when relaxing time is up. Apply the neutralizing shampoo to the hair and massage into every part of the hair. This shampoo ends the relaxing process.

Rinse the hair with warm water. This removes the relaxer and the neutralizer shampoo. Rinse hair completely to make certain all chemicals are gone.

Apply the purple or clarifying shampoo and wash your hair. This cleans the hair and also removes any remaining chemicals. Most importantly, the shampoo removes any green or yellow tint from the gray hair.

Rinse out the shampoo thoroughly with warm water.

Apply a moisturizing conditioner to the hair. Leave it in for a few minutes. Relaxers dry out the hair, so add a moisturizing shampoo to restore the natural oils in the hair.

Rinse conditioner out completely.

Comb out hair and dry as usual.


Be very careful when using the cream relaxer. It is made of caustic chemicals like lye.