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Steamed clams are most enjoyable and delicious when you eat them immediately after steaming. If you have leftover steamed clams; however, do not let them go to waste. With careful reheating in the microwave, you can take the chill off leftover clams and enjoy them a second time. You must watch the reheating constantly to ensure the clams do not overcook.

Place the steamed clams into the microwave-safe dish. Leave the shells on the clams to reheat.

Add approximately ½-inch of water to the clams. Cover the dish.

Place the dish in the microwave and set the microwave to 30 or 50 percent power. Start the microwave.

Reheat the steamed clams in the microwave for 45 seconds and stop the microwave. Rotate the dish 180 degrees. Microwave the clams for 45 more seconds and stop the microwave.

Open the dish and assess the clams. Continue heating the clams for 45-second intervals if they are not warm. If they are warm, stop reheating and serve them. Do not reheat the clams for any longer than necessary, or you risk making the clams tough and chewy.

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