how to reheat a ham in a crockpot

Reheat ham to perfection using a crock pot and a few simple ingredients. Ham typically comes precooked with instructions to reheat prior to eating, however, sometimes the instructions are lost. Crock-pot heating is economical because it keeps the heat out of the kitchen, and allows for minimal supervision. Prepare your ham in advance because the reheating process will take a full day. In addition, prepare the glaze or topping to place on the ham prior to putting the ham in the crock pot (got to lock in that moisture!).

Spread a glaze, or 1/2 cup water, along the bottom of the crock pot before placing the ham in the bottom. This will prevent the ham from burning to the bottom and retain the moisture.

Remove the ham from the packaging and trim unwanted fat before placing it in the crock pot. Use a butcher or carving knife to remove the fatty ends. Discard the fat.

Place the ham face down into the crock pot. The “inside” meat of the ham should be downward, into the glaze or water, and the “skin” will be facing upward. If the ham is whole, then just place it into the crock pot.

Season or glaze the ham. Once the ham is covered, it will only be opened once to turn, therefore, add any glaze or seasoning prior to closing the lid. Seasoning can include pineapple juice and brown sugar.

Cover the lid and cook on low for eight hours. Remove the lid at four hours to turn the ham or add additional glaze or water if it has evaporated.

Remove the lid after eight hours and insert a meat thermometer. The inside temperature of the ham should be no less than 140 degrees F. If it is less, then turn the crock pot to high and cook for an additional 30 minutes. Recheck with the food thermometer. Repeat every 30 minutes until it reaches the correct temperature.


Spray the interior of the crock pot prior to placing the glaze or water in the bottom for protection against burning or sticking.

Set the crock pot timer, or a stove timer, to help remind you of the four-hour mark and eight-hour end time.