How to Register Your Chanel Bag

By Sarah Vrba

Chanel bags are known for their elegant designs, including the classic quilted diamond design that graces many of the most infamous purses. In a world of knock-offs, ensuring that your Chanel bag is authentic and protected remains an essential concern when purchasing or selling the bag. Each Chanel bag includes a unique serial number on a white tag. This serial number ensures the authenticity and unique make of each bag. While there is not an official way to register your Chanel bag with the company directly, a few registration techniques will protect this expensive accessory.

Chanel bags boast elegance, refinement and an expensive price tag.

Step 1

Register as a customer with the Chanel website. The company can offer you suggestions, information about classic bags and viability in the bag market. It is always advisable to buy directly through Chanel to start with, to ensure that you receive an authentic bag. The website will also retain your purchase history as you shop with them, keeping a digital receipt of your bag purchase available to you.

Step 2

Make a note of the Chanel bag serial number and keep this document in a safe place. Utilize this number if you plan to sell the bag. Legitimate online marketplaces may require you to register the bag's serial number along with the bag's description before you are allowed to sell your item.

Step 3

Purchase some insurance for your Chanel bag. Registering your bag for insurance covers your bag like any other valuable asset. If the bag is stolen or lost, the insurance will protect you from monetary loss. Since most Chanel bags are worth thousands of dollars, any incident could mean a major monetary and investment loss.