How to Refill a Creme Brulee Butane Torch

By Lauren Vork

Cracking into creme brulee's crispy caramel topping and sinking your spoon into the velvety smooth custard waiting underneath is half the pleasure of indulging in creme brulee, and it requires a light touch with a very hot flame to create the experience. Creme brulee torches produce a long-lasting, high-intensity flame -- but the source of all that heat requires regular refilling. Designed with the fast pace of professional kitchens in mind, creme brulee torches are made for quick-and-easy refilling on the fly.

Crema Catalana
credit: Quanthem/iStock/Getty Images
Wait about one minute before serving creme brulee so the caramel completely hardens.

Step 1

Make sure the torch is off. If possible, lock the ignition button so you can't trigger it.

Step 2

Turn the torch upside down and locate the refill nozzle. The nozzle is metal and contains a tiny, cylindrical component.

Step 3

Hold the can in straight alignment with the torch and nozzle. Insert the tip of the aerosol butane into the nozzle and push. The pressure automatically starts the flow of fuel into the torch.

Step 4

Remove the butane can from the torch when the torch's fuel compartment reaches capacity. Slight leakage occurs when the torch reaches capacity.

Step 5

Wait three to four minutes before firing the torch again.