How to Substitute Ricotta Cheese for Mascarpone

By Paul King

Making an inexpensive and effective mascarpone cheese substitute at home is quick and easy to do. While the flavor of this substitute is not exactly the same as real mascarpone, it works very well in many recipes.

Ricotta cheese is a low-cost substitute for mascarpone in deserts like tiramisu.

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Blender Method

Step 1

Pour half of the heavy cream into the blender.

Step 2

Add approximately 4 oz. of the ricotta cheese into the blender.

Step 3

Start the blender at low speed and gradually increase as the ricotta becomes incorporated into the heavy cream.

Step 4

While the mixture continues to blend, gradually add the remainder of the heavy cream holding approximately 1 oz. in reserve.

Step 5

Add the remaining ricotta cheese, one spoonful at a time, until finished.

Step 6

Check the consistency of the mixture. It should have a smooth and creamy texture. If the mixture seems thick, restart the blender at a low speed and gradually increase the speed as you add the remaining heavy cream. Continue until the desired consistency is achieved.

Food Processor Method

Step 7

Place half of the ricotta cheese in the food processor.

Step 8

Pulse the processor several times. Begin adding the heavy cream slowly between pulses.

Step 9

Once half of the heavy cream has been incorporated, add the remaining ricotta cheese.

Step 10

Begin pulsing the food processor and continue to add the remaining heavy cream. Stop occasionally and check the mixture's consistency. Continue to pulse and add heavy cream until a smooth creamy texture is achieved.