How to Reduce Eyelid Oil

By Kelly Wallace

Having oily eyelids isn't uncommon, though it can be embarrassing and frustrating. For women with eyelids that tend to be oily it might be difficult to wear eye makeup since it comes off easily or becomes creased. Even if you just washed your face, within an hour or two your eyelids are oily again and very shiny. Luckily, there are a few simple things you can do to correct this problem.

Simple tips to reduce eyelid oil.

Step 1

Wash your face as you normally do with your preferred face wash. Pat dry with a cotton towel, being sure to gently blot your eyelids. Cotton towels absorb more water and moisture than synthetic fiber towels.

Step 2

Taking a clean cotton ball, wet it lightly with the Witch Hazel. Since Witch Hazel contains tannins it acts as a natural astringent helping to tighten pores which reduces oil on your eyelids safely and gently. Close your eyes and gently wipe your eyelids. Keep your eyes closed while it dries.

Step 3

Take another clean cotton ball and moisten it with the Milk of Magnesia. The magnesium in this product will help absorb oil and also tighten pores to help reduce oil output. You don't want the cotton ball dripping, just a little more than damp. Close your eyes and sweep the cotton ball over your eyelids. Keep your eyes closed while it dries. You may feel a pulling sensation as it tightens your pores and dries the skin.

Step 4

Apply your eye makeup as usual if you wear any, though you can also leave your eyes bare. You should find that your eyelids stay oil-free for several hours or even all day long.