How to Put Together a Cookbook

By Giselle Diamond

Cookbooks are everywhere. There are thousands of cookbooks all on different topics. However, nothing makes a more thoughtful gift than a personalized cookbook. There are many themes to choose from, and everyone loves to get new recipes to try in their own kitchen. Family cookbooks are very popular and make great birthday and holiday gifts. Even if you don't want to give away your cookbook, having all your favorite recipes together in one place is a real time-saver. This project will take one-to-two weeks to complete.

Step 1

Assemble recipes that you want to use in the cookbook. Decide if you want the book to have a theme. You could make a dessert cookbook, favorites cookbook, family cookbook, diet cookbook or any other theme you can think of. Gather recipes to use in that theme. Keep track of who gives you the recipes so you can give them a copy of the cookbook when it is finished.

Step 2

Use the computer to type all of your recipes. A word processor is fine to use, but also consider using Microsoft Excel. Put one recipe per page, and make sure to separate the ingredients lists from the steps. Write a title for every recipe and make a table of contents for the front of the book.

Step 3

Print the recipes onto three-hole punch paper. This can be purchased from nearly any office supply store and looks much neater than paper that you punch holes in yourself. Print a few test pages before printing the whole book. Decide whether you want to print on both sides of the paper or just one.

Step 4

Put the pages in the order you want them to appear in the cookbook. Place the pages carefully in the binders. Print as many copies as you want and put them together in the same way.

Step 5

Distribute the cookbooks to whomever contributed recipes. If you are making the cookbooks as gifts, you can decorate the covers with scrapbooking supplies or computer graphics. Make sure to print as many copies as you will need, and don't forget to print one for yourself.