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Concerns over pinning the corsage in the wrong spot or accidentally poking a date with a pin can make presenting the corsage a very awkward moment. Putting on your date's corsage is a lot easier than you may think. Whether you've chosen a pinned corsage or a wrist corsage for your date, learn how to attach it worry-free in just a few simple steps.

Turn the corsage over and unlatch the pin on the back that will be used to pin the corsage to your date's dress. If the pin is small, or the fabric of your date's dress is thick, you may need additional pins to ensure the corsage stays in place. Bring a couple of extra safety pins with you, just in case.

Position the corsage between your date's chin and shoulder, on her left side. The style of your date's prom dress may require you to position the corsage slightly lower or higher.

Hold the fabric of your date's dress where you want to position the corsage. Pull the fabric slightly away from your date's skin so that you don't accidentally stick her with the safety pin.

Guide the safety pin through the wrapped wire stem of the corsage, through your date's dress and back up through the wrapped wire stem. Latch the safety pin, or if using a straight pin, let the point of the pin rest on the outside of your date's dress.

Let your date examine the placement of the corsage. She may need help adjusting the corsage as necessary.

Ask your date if she wants to wear her corsage on her left or right wrist. Traditionally, the corsage is worn on the left wrist if she's right handed and on the right wrist if she's left handed.

Have your date hold her arm out, palm-side up.

Stretch the elastic band on the back of the wrist corsage so that it is just large enough to slip over your date's wrist.

Slide the corsage onto your date's wrist, flower-side up.

Turn your date's arm over and slide the corsage around so that the flowers are resting on the top of her wrist.


Ask your date what color her dress will be in advance so that you can match the corsage to her dress.


Be sure to ask your date for permission before pinning on a pinned corsage. Many girls may not be comfortable having their date pin the corsage on for them and may prefer to position the corsage themselves.