The desire to change your hairstyle can come quickly. But the wear and tear on your locks can cause damage, especially if you're in between hairstyles or waiting on an appointment with your stylist. For quick fixes, and to take your hair from short to long without costly extensions, put in a half wig, also known as a fall. Follow these tips on how to up your beauty factor with this quick hair secret.

Choose the right half wig or fall from a beauty supply store. An appropriate half wig can be the style of your choice, but it should have combs in the front and the back of the wig. The front will likely go straight back in order for your real hair to cover it, or it could have a space to part your real hair over it. Make sure you've picked up a half wig instead of a full wig, which would cover your entire head.

To get ready for styling, you must first part your hair around the front parameter. Starting at your left ear and going toward your right, use a comb to make a straight part about 1 inch from the hairline. Comb the hair forward, and secure with a holder or clip.

Braid the rest of the hair in a circular pattern to provide traction for the combs of the wig. If this is not possible, braid the hair straight back, or comb toward the center of the head. Secure with bob pins.

Put the half wig on your head with the part still intact and the braid in place. Using the front comb of the wig, secure it inside of the braid with the inch of real hair in front. Make sure the wig is centered with your nose. Secure the back of the wig into a braid using the back comb.

Comb the front hair over the half wig. If needed, flat-iron the hair over the half wig for straightening. Style the half wig as desired. Place bob pins around unexposed portions of the wig to secure it in place.


Human hair half wigs are made to style with heat, whereas synthetic hair cannot be easily combed or hot-curled, as the hair can melt. The best method to secure a half wig is to have the unused hair braided around the edge of the hairline to input combs. It's also best to remove the half wig at night unless it had been sewn into the braid similar to a weave.