How to Put Dreads in a Bun

By Charmiane Wilson

The free-spirit style of dreadlocks is not always appropriate or well-received in every situation. There may be times when you need to put your dreadlocks up to create a more conservative look for a formal occasion or when you want to get your hair up and off of your neck. In either situation, putting your dreads in a bun is a stylish hairstyle choice. Your dreadlocks have to be at least past your shoulders for the style to work.

Create an elegant new look for your dreadlocks by putting them in a bun.

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Step 1

Bend over at the waist and comb your dreads forward. Smooth out excessive ridges and bumps.

Step 2

Gather your dreads together with your hands and form a ponytail at the desired height for your bun.

Step 3

Slip a ponytail holder onto your hair and create a ponytail.

Step 4

Group the bottom edges of your dreads and twist them around the band of the ponytail. Continue twisting until the length of your hair has been wrapped.

Step 5

Secure your bun with a large elasticized scarf, ponytail holder or hair band.

Step 6

Tuck any stray dreads into the bun.