How to Put Dreadlocks in Hispanic Hair

By Cristel Wood

Dreadlocks can be formed from any type of hair, coarse or fine, thick or curly. Some hair types are much easier to form into dreadlocks than others. Hair type is dictated by genes. Although people of Hispanic descent possess a wide range of hair types, thick, coarse -- and sometimes dry -- hair is not uncommon. The key to successful dreadlocks with this type of hair is to use an all-natural twist method, avoid chemicals and additives, and never lose hope. Anyone can create beautiful dreadlocks with their natural hair.

Any hair type can be made into beautiful dreadlocks.

Step 1

Separate your hair into sections. Pin each section with a bobby pin to keep it separate. Dreadlocks will thicken as they form so plan accordingly.

Step 2

Roll one section of hair between your palms to tangle it.

Step 3

Separate the tangled section of hair at the end and pull the two halves apart. The knots will shift towards the base of the segment as you pull.

Step 4

Separate one of the halves created in Step 3 into two new segments and pull the two segments apart. Repeat for the second half.

Step 5

Roll the four segments created in Step 4 together to tangle them once more.

Step 6

Repeat Step 3 through Step 5 until the section of hair is dreaded.

Step 7

Tuck the end of the dread up, pushing it into the dread, and secure it with a no-snag hair band.

Step 8

Repeat Step 2 through Step 7 for each section of hair.