Crochet braids are a form of hair extension most commonly used in ethnic hair. Crochet braids are sewed in sections to textured braids along the base of the scalp. Compared to other hair extensions, they are an excellent choice to wear while growing chemically damaged or fragile hair. The braids do not put pressure on individual strands. You need to take relatively few precautions when styling crochet braids in ponytails, up dos or braids.

Things You'll Need

Develop a thorough knowledge of the placement of existing crochet braid sections. As crochet braids are sewn in pieces to existing cornrow braids along the scalp, empty spaces can exist between sections of hair. Determine a ponytail placement that will avoid displaying these spaces between crochet braid sections.

Use the mirror as a guide to gather the crochet braids away from the face into a ponytail. Examine all sides of the head to ensure there are no empty spaces between braid sections displayed by the chosen ponytail style and placement.

Gently pull all braids through the ponytail holder until the elastic is secure on the braids. Though crochet braids are significantly sturdier and less damaging to natural hair then other forms of extensions, unnecessary or rough tugging on the braids can loosen them or damage the underlying hair.


  • Commonly do crochet braids with synthetic hair, though you can make some from human hair. Synthetic hair is significantly lighter and a better choice for someone who will be using ponytails or updos regularly.