How to Put Cowrie Shells on Dreads

By Faizah Imani

Dreads have been worn by the African American culture for centuries. Some wear them as a way to pay homage to their African heritage. When you are just beginning to grow out your dreads, they can be somewhat difficult to style. One way to add a little decoration is to add cowrie shells.

Step 1

Thread your needle with a thread that closely resembles the color of your hair. Tie a small knot at the end of the thread to secure the ends together.

Step 2

Take the end of your dread and insert it through the opening of the cowrie shell.

Step 3

Grab the end of the dread that has been pulled through the cowrie shell. Tie the dread in a small knot directly above the top of the cowrie shell.

Step 4

Insert the threaded needle into the knot and pull the thread through the dread with the needle. Continue inserting and pulling the needle and thread through the knot until the cowrie shell is secured. Check to see if the cowrie shell is secure by giving it a pull to see if it comes off.

Step 5

Use scissors to cut the end of thread from your hair.