how to puff brown rice at home

Puffed rice is a common ingredient in snack bars and some desserts. It is perhaps most commonly found in certain sugary cereals. By using uncooked brown rice and preparing puffed rice at home, you can make a healthier alternative to the store-bought varieties. Puffed brown rice can be used as an ingredient in recipes that call for crisped rice, eaten as a cereal topped with milk and fruit, or eaten as a snack all by itself.

Heat cooking oil in a saucepan over high heat. Test the oil to see if it is hot enough by dropping a few grains of uncooked rice into the pan. The oil is ready if the rice quickly sizzles and puffs up.

Place between a quarter- and a half-cup of uncooked brown rice into the metal sieve. Carefully lower the sieve into the oil until the rice is just covered by the oil and begins to sizzle.

Shake the sieve gently back and forth to agitate the rice. The rice will puff up very quickly, so watch the process carefully to avoid burning the rice.

Remove the puffed rice from the oil and place it into a bowl lined with paper towels. This will allow any excess oil to drain from the puffed rice. Repeat the puffing process with the remaining uncooked rice.


Covering the pan with a fine mesh splatter guard will keep hot oil from splashing out of the pan.


Always use caution when cooking with hot oil. If the oil begins to smoke, reduce the heat.