By Brandon Getty

Cooking with oil is an excellent way to create delicious dishes with a distinct flavor. After oil has been used, however, it may contain fried breading or pieces of food and require filtering if it is to be reused. Frying oil can be an expensive kitchen commodity if you use it often. There are costly machines which can recycle your used oil, but you can perform the same process for free using a few household items.

Frying oil can be purified with coffee filters and a Mason jar.

Step 1

Place a coffee filter into your masonry jar, folding the edges of the filter over the mouth of the jar.

Step 2

Twist the jar's lid ring around the mouth of the jar. This will keep the filter snugly in place as you filter the oil.

Step 3

Pour the oil slowly from your frying vat or pan into the masonry jar. This step is more easily performed with warm oil (around 150 degrees Fahrenheit, 65 degrees Centigrade).

Step 4

Unscrew the lid ring from the mouth of the masonry jar once all of the oil has been filtered. Discard the coffee filter and its contents.

Step 5

Place the lid cap inside the lid ring and screw it snugly onto the mouth of the jar. Store the oil in your refrigerator for reuse.