People love whipped cream frosting because it is light and airy. Whisking the frosting creates the air bubbles that make it so fluffy. But the air bubbles that make whipped cream frosting so light and fluffy leave it prone to melting. Air bubbles are hard to keep down. Whipped cream separates and melts easily so its best to use it quickly. To keep it fluffy and delicious for as long as possible, you must keep the ingredients cold before and after you whip them.

Substitute granulated sugar for confectioner's sugar. According to Dede Wilson author of "A Baker's Field Guide to Cupcakes," the cornstarch added to confectioner's sugar helps to stabilize the the whipped cream frosting and helps to keep it from melting.

Measure out all of the ingredients and place them in the refrigerator. Also place the mixing bowl and whisk in the refrigerator. Leave them to chill for one hour.

Mix and whip the ingredients according to your recipe's instructions.

Keep the frosting or frosted items in the refrigerator until immediately before you are ready to serve. Do not keep it out of the refrigerator longer than necessary.

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