How to Prevent Blonde Hair From Turning Green From Pool Water

By Contributing Writer

Due to the heavy chemicals, including chlorine compounds, in swimming pool water, many blond haired people will soon start to notice a green tint in their hair if they swim. This green color is not very attractive and can be unhealthy for your hair. If you have experienced this problem, or know someone who is blond haired and an active swimmer, follow the steps below to learn how to prevent blond hair from turning green in chlorinated pool water.

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Step 1

Avoid spending extreme amounts of time in the pool. If blond hair is exposed to the chemicals in pool water for hours at a time, there really is no way to prevent the hair from developing a slightly greenish tinge. Try never to be in the water continuously for more than a few hours. If you are spending a lot of time at a pool, try to monitor your time in the water. Also, you can complement your time in and out of the pool by not dunking your head under the surface of the water.

Step 2

Wear a swim cap. Wearing a swim cap is a great way to prevent your hair from being exposed fully to the chemicals in the water. When you are swimming competitively or for exercise, your head is exposed fully to the water. When you are just playing in the water your head does not always stay covered by water so a swimming cap isn't as essential.

Step 3

Rinse your hair immediately after you complete your swim in the chlorinated water. You do not have to wash your hair with shampoo right away, but a thorough rinse is a good idea. This will rinse out some of the chemicals from the pool and prevent them from building up and permeating your hair strands.

Step 4

Wash your hair using a special shampoo such as Paul Mitchell Shampoo #3. This is a specific shampoo designed for the purpose of removing impurities, such as chlorine, from hair. There are a few different kinds of shampoos that do this and Paul Mitchell makes a very good one. To use the shampoo correctly, you need to massage the substance throughout your hair and scalp. Rinse once using warm water, then repeat the process and rinse again for maximum results.

Step 5

Condition your hair thoroughly. Having strong, healthy hair is another step in keeping your hair from turning green in pool water. Healthy hair isn't apt to turn green as thin, bittle, unhealthy hair. Using good conditioners, such as ones offered by Sorbie or Paul Mitchell, will help keep your hair strong and healthy.