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We constantly put our bodies to work, so stretching to align the body and prepare muscles for various workouts is crucial. Agitated joints are often quite painful during workouts, and can even lower performance during a normal routine. One of the most annoying joints to align or pop is the hip. Knowing a few key stretches that target the lower abdomen will make popping your hip a lot easier. The most effective pose for popping your hips is actually super simple and allows you to stretch your lower abdomen and upper legs, too. [things_needed_1] Sit down on the floor with your legs straight out. Make sure there is nothing in the way for about an arm's width all around you. Spread one leg off to the side as far as you can go, keeping it flat against the ground. Keep your other leg straight out in front of you and try not to bend either of your knees. Place the hand closest to your outstretched leg on your knee and reach as if you were stretching your hamstrings. Now twist your body inward while leaving your legs and arms where you previously placed them. Set your leg back straight out in front of you like when you started the stretch. Now move the opposite leg out as far as you can go like you previously did with the other. Place the corresponding hand on your knee and once again, stretch down. Twist your torso inward like you did previously until you hear the small popping sound that announces you've popped your hip.

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How To Pop Your Hip


  • Every person's body is slightly different. Some tricks that work for certain people's hips don't always work for others.
  • If you have a medical condition or would like to try and pop your hip without getting on the ground, a stretch that should get the same result is the 'crane' yoga stance. In this stance, you stand on one leg and place the bottom of your foot on the inside of your opposite thigh, bending your knee outwards so your leg is parallel from your waist. Once you're in this stance, put your palms together against your chest as if you are praying, and slowly stretch your arms up, straightening your back.