How to Pit Dates

By LeafTV Editor

Dates are mainly produced in North Africa and the Middle East, and are a staple in the cuisine of those regions. They can be eaten dry or soft, on their own or stuffed with fillings, such as nuts or soft cheeses. Dates are high in potassium, as well as fiber, antioxidants, and Vitamin A.

credit: Demand Media
Photo Credit: Demand Media Studio

Step 1

Cut lengthwise into the date until you hit the pit.

Step 2

With the knife still in the date, begin rotating the date.

Step 3

Continue to rotate the date until you have cut all the way around the date.

Step 4

Use the knife to pry one half of the date off of its pit.

Step 5

Set the knife aside and hold the half of the date that still has its pit.

Step 6

Pick the pit out of the date and discard the pit.

Step 7

Repeat the previous steps until you have the number of pitted dates that you need.