Ahhh, the 1980s. Remember the monogrammed sweaters, Spudz Mackenzie, teased hair, jelly bracelets, The Bangles, Camaros, Jeff Spicoli and, of course, pinch-rolled jeans. Let's take a walk down memory lane and reminisce on how to roll the pinch. And for you first-time rollers ... read and learn.

Pinch the hem of your jean tight around your ankle.

With your other hand, hold the extra material straight out from your ankle.

Fold the flap of material so that it lies flat, wrapping it around your ankle.

Roll the hem up twice ... and viola! The infamous pinched-roll is back!


To complete the nostalgic '80s look, pair your pinch-rolls with big slouch socks (do not cover the pinch-rolled hem) and Reebok high tops. Names for this style varied by region. Other names for the pinched-roll included: tight-rolled, french-rolled, peg-rolled.


If you are going anywhere but an '80s party, you may be subject to stares, giggles, and even some pointing. My advice: Hold your head high and remember that every out-of-style style comes back around ... eventually.