How to Pin Your Bangs Back & Make a Little Poof

By Ava Perez

Mastering a new hair technique takes practice and patience. Creating a little poof in the your bangs is a simple style that can be worn casually or, with the addition of decorative clips or braids, formally. The key to building the poof, or raised area of hair, is backcombing and hairspray. Backcombing creates volume and hairspray hold this volume in place. For best results, your bangs should be at least 3 inches long.

Backcombing is key to creating a hair poof.

Step 1

Comb your bangs straight. Your hair should be clean, dry and free of any tangles or knots.

Step 2

Hold the bangs straight up from your head and insert the comb into the backside of them, half-way up from the roots.

Step 3

Comb down toward your roots. This technique is called backcombing. It causes the hair to tangle together, creating thickness on the underside of your bangs.

Step 4

Remove the comb when you reach the scalp then insert again, this time a little further toward the tip of the bangs.

Step 5

Comb the hair down toward the scalp. If your hair is very thick, repeat the backcombing process again.

Step 6

Spray the backcombed area with hairspray.

Step 7

Pull your bangs gently toward the crown of your head. Be careful not to flatten the poof as you pull.

Step 8

Smooth the top of the bangs by lightly running your comb over the surface. The key is to just smooth the surface of the hair without penetrating the poof.

Step 9

Lay the tips of the bangs flat against your head. Open the bobby pin and collect the tips of the bangs by sliding the pin along your scalp. Add another pin, if required to secure the hair into place.

Step 10

Spray the poof to hold the style in place.