How to Pair Wine With Seafood Gumbo

By Maxine Wallace

While you may instinctively pair the thick, stew-like seafood gumbo with a cold beer, don't overlook serving this classic Louisiana comfort food with the right glass of wine. Avoid high alcohol and tannic wines that can taste hotter alongside the spicy gumbo; instead, opt for aromatic whites and light and fruity reds to perfectly complement the intricate flavors of the dish.

Red wine
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Glass of red wine on table

Perfecting the Gumbo Pairing

For white wine pairings, pinot grigio, albarino and pinot blanc provide a crisp, fresh note against the spicy heat of seafood gumbo. A bright rose also gives a strong contrast in tartness and fresh fruit flavor to the gumbo's warmth. In reds, choose a fruit-forward wine such as pinot noir or cabernet sauvignon with notes of pepper, berry or dark fruits to create a strong, flavorful pairing that plays well on the spiciness of the gumbo.