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A cute little cupcake covered with gooey frosting makes a great treat for birthdays and other celebrations. Party-goers can choose their favorite flavor, and you don't need a knife to slice them or utensils to eat them. The biggest problem with cupcakes may be figuring out how to carry them to the party. Cupcakes are an odd shape, and you can't stack them or pack them too tightly without smearing the icing and making a mess. You can try one of several options to make this task easier and safer for the cupcakes.

Place them in a deep baking dish. Glass or metal 9-by-13-inch dishes are ideal for packing and carrying cupcakes. A standard baking dish will hold about 18 cupcakes comfortably. After packing them, cover with plastic wrap or aluminum foil.

Purchase a cupcake holder. Several manufacturers make cupcake carriers specifically for this task. One, made by Oneida, holds two 12-count muffin pans. It comes with a locking lid and a handle, which makes it easy to pack and carry the delicious little treats. (See Resources.)

Purchase a cupcake box. Several websites sell boxes made for this purpose. The website Have Your Cake and Eat It sells a square box that holds one cupcake securely. It's ideal for presenting cupcakes as gifts. The company also sells boxes that hold six and 12 cupcakes securely. (See Resources.)

Make your own carrying box. Use a disposable gift box for a shirt or robe and line it with aluminum foil. Place paper towels over the foil, then place the cupcakes in the box. You can safely transport cupcakes to any event, and you don't have to worry about getting the box back.


If you make your own box, you or your children can decorate the box or write details about the cupcakes on the box.

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