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VaporLock quarts are designed to safely seal their contents in an air-tight environment. VaporLock quart container lids are fully reusable when they are properly removed. The thick rigid plastic construction of the VaporLock container protects the contents during transport and storage. These hard plastic quart containers are stackable and will not rust or dent. Prying the lid off of a VaporLock quart carefully will allow you to put it back on and reuse the container.

Hold the VaporLock quart firmly by its base on a flat surface.

Peel the lid up with your fingertips or insert a flat-head screwdriver under the lip of the lid and slowly lift the screwdriver's handle until the lid pops up. Spin the container 180 degrees and pry from the other side with your fingers or the screwdriver if the lid is still attached.

Place the lid gently on top of the VaporLock quart container when you are ready to reseal it.

Make a fist with your hand and tap around the edges of the lid until the entire lid snaps back into place. You can wrap your fist in a kitchen towel to avoid bruising your hand.

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