By Emma Rensch

While honey is delightful in tea or oatmeal, this sticky substance is a messy nightmare when it comes to storage. When honey dries inside the lid, opening the container can be exceedingly frustrating and may even result in a broken jar if you are not careful. Use caution and don't get frustrated to avoid disaster when opening a stuck honey jar.

Store your honey in a plastic container to avoid getting the lid stuck on a glass jar.

Step 1

Wrap a dish towel around the lid of the honey jar and attempt to twist the lid off. Sometimes the added grip of a piece of fabric is all you need to loosen a stuck lid. The cloth will prevent the metal of the lid from hurting your hands and allow you to twist harder.

Step 2

Heat water in a pot on the stove or run hot water from your sink. Hold the lid of the honey jar under the hot water for about two minutes. Remove the jar from the water, wrap a dish towel around the lid to protect yourself from the heat and twist to loosen the lid.

Step 3

Fasten a large pair of pliers around the lid of the honey jar. Apply enough pressure to maintain a strong hold on the lid, but be careful not to squeeze hard enough to crack the glass. Twist the pliers while they are clamped around the lid to loosen it.

Step 4

Repeat step two and strike the lid firmly against a hard surface such as a countertop immediately after removing the jar from the hot water. Do not hit so hard that the glass breaks. The combination of heat and the impact will loosen the dried honey, making it possible to twist the lid off.