Jarden Consumer Solutions' Oster® brand of professional products features a wide range of haircutting tools, including clippers, for professional hair care, animal grooming and personal use. Oster clippers require regular cleaning and oiling to maintain cutting efficiency. Oster clipper designs use attached and detachable blade assemblies to make removal and maintenance easier. With a towel, Oster-approved blade oil and the right tools, you can oil an Oster clipper without difficulty so the blades work rapidly and provide sharp, precision cuts.

Lay a towel on a flat work surface. Place your Oster clipper on the towel to catch any hair or debris as you work.

Remove the blade assembly from your Oster clippers by first checking the back of your clipper. If your clipper has a ledge with a black latch slightly below the back edge of the assembly, you have a detachable blade assembly. To remove, press up from the ledge into the latch and continue pressing in a forward/up motion until you feel the click that indicates you can remove the blade. Lift the blade assembly up at an angle and then carefully pull it from the clipper. If you don't have a ledge, you have an attached assembly. To remove, unscrew the two screws on the back of the assembly and pull the two pieces--stationary blade and movable blade--from the clipper.

Clean the blade assembly. To clean a detachable assembly, reach behind the assembly, slide that blade half way out of the assembly to the right or left and brush and/or wipe with a microfiber cloth. Slide in the opposite direction, brush or wipe again, and finish cleaning by wiping the comb. To clean an attached-style assembly after removal, brush and wipe the individual pieces.

Oil the blade assembly. To oil a detachable assembly, slide the blade to the right or left and oil the rails. Repeat in the opposite direction. To oil an attached-style assembly, screw the pieces back into place on the clippers, apply two drops of oil on the blade teeth at each corner and the center of the assembly, and turn the clipper on at least one minute to distribute the oil across the blades.

Wipe away any remaining oil with a towel or lint-free microfiber cloth.